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I’m 28 years old and five years into this dynamic, crazy, fun world of social media marketing. You can find me the majority of my week working hard at being the best social media manager I can be. Outside of work, you can find me obsessing over practicing hand lettering/calligraphy, baking, or loving on my friends and family.

Here’s some quick facts about me:  doing it “just good enough” isn’t good enough for me. I always want to put my best effort forward and create the best work I possibly can for my team and my clients. Besides – it’s way more fun to give it your all and see how awesome the end result is – and if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, it’s better to know you put your whole heart into it. I love mapping out my days to make sure everything is organized and ready for me to conquer. As cliché as it sounds, nothing feels better than putting a line through something on my to-do list. I’m proud of the way I’ve been able to keep swimming, even when I’ve been thrown in the deep end. I’m fully capable of tackling new, unknown tasks with a curious mind and a passion to learn it inside and out. I’m comfortable admitting that I’m constantly growing, and I’m excited to work every day knowing I’ll be learning something new. I pride myself on being able to work efficiently in groups and alone – I love teaming up in a content creation brainstorm, but I also love firing up Spotify on my headphones and getting things done.

My creative, outgoing, and kind personality gives me the unique skill set to be able to thrive in any kind of environment. My expertise is in content creation, community management, analytics, and influencer activations, and I’m ready to take the next step in my career.

I’m so excited to connect with you. Reach out to me anytime at fullilovehaleigh@gmail.com.

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client list

Working as a social media manager at a fast-paced ad agency gave the amazing opportunity to work with incredible brands and destinations.

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

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Working on this account has been one of my biggest professional accomplishments to date. As the social media manager for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, I have:

  • Created 150+ pieces of organic and paid content every month
  • Worked with live activations and influencer campaigns
  • Created two Facebook Canvas ads
  • Developed all Instagram Stories for the channel
  • Maintained an average 4.2% organic engagement rate across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Engaged in community and crisis management
  • Sourced high-quality User Generated Content
  • Gained experience with social tools, such as:
    • NetBase
    • SocialBakers
    • Later
  • Communicated with the client on a daily basis

Gold Toe Socks

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Pilot Pen

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Other clients:

  • Montage Palmetto Bluff
  • Visit Pasco County
  • Mahekal Beach Resort
  • Grand Lucayan Resort
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I’ve always, always loved handwriting. Once I saw the hand lettering community explode on Instagram, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on. For more, visit my Instagram at @llbyhaleigh.

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